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Wisconsin can have some harsh weather conditions, many of which can damage your home. While Wisconsin is a pretty safe place to live, we also see with too much regularity, theft and fires on the news. A good home policy will be equipped to restore your home, belongings, and finances to where they were prior to the claim.

Basic Home Insurance Coverage Options

When you purchase from NEW Insurance Consultants, LLC, a standard home insurance policy can include the following:

  • Building & Other Structures: This option covers the building itself including the floors, walls, ceiling, and roof. Additionally, the option covers other structures in the vicinity such as the fences and garages.
  • Personal Property Coverage: This covers replacement of your belongings, including appliances and other electronics.
  • Loss of Use Coverage: If the damage and loss of property in your home requires that you look for temporary residence elsewhere to allow for renovation, this option covers that.
  • Personal Liability: Unfortunately, a guest might become injured on your property. When that happens the liability coverage would defend you and pay up to the policy limits.
  • Medical Expenses: If a person is injured on your property and are simply looking for help with medical bills, your medical expense coverage will pay up to the stated limits.

Protect Your Home and Shield Yourself from Liability

Wisconsin residents trust NEW Insurance Consultants, LLC with insuring their homes. We provide a vast range of insurance policies to meet all their needs. Our agents are ready to get you started on a home insurance policy. Please give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to help you with your insurance quotes.

Endorsed Local Provider

We are a proud Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for Wisconsin, with the ability to also service clients in Illinois.

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“Jon truly cares about the people he insures. He is always there to provide the best service and knowledge in the industry. I have never found a better person to get a full understanding of the policies I was purchasing. He works hard to ensure the customer is served and provided with an exceptional policy at the best price. He represents the customer, not the insurance companies. Jon will always be that reliable representative in times of need. Fair, honest and good-hearted; best describe Jon the person and the agent you will be working with!”

– Colin C