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Thank you for visiting our website. Let me take this opportunity to explain where we’ve come from. I think it’s important to explain how we got to be NEW Insurance Consultants, LLC and how we serve our clients and prospective clients.

I (Jon the insurance nerd) started as a ‘captive agent’ for one of the big insurance companies. ‘ Captive’ simply meant I represented one company and couldn’t service or sell anything else. This gave me an excellent education on being an agent and running an agency. Unfortunately, the more experienced I became, the more I realized I wasn’t a good captive agent. I wanted to have my boss be my client and put all my cards on the table. I didn’t want to cut corners to ‘make a policy work’ for a prospect or a client, and I never wanted to feel my clients were just a number I needed for a bonus or a trip. The reality was that the insurance company was my boss first and foremost; it was difficult to disclose everything, it was common for agents to cut corners to make their policies work for a client or a prospect, and a sale was more valued than service. In short, a customer of a captive agent is often only thought of as a means to a paycheck.

After over 6 years of working for a big insurance company, I gave my agency back to the company and started over from nothing, determined to be different as an independent agent. My plan was simply to put clients’ interests ahead of the carriers or even our agency’s profits. To do this, I help clients understand in simple terms options available to them. My goal is to present the best value and make myself available. I’m living the plan; I’ve got a number of carriers and brokers that help me find great value. On occasion, I find a prospect who is already getting a great deal. I’ll typically advise this person to stay where he’s at. A captive agent is trained to tell you how his agency is the best and worthy of you paying more money to have them. I would tell the captive agent ‘balogna!’ There is little an insurance agent can bring to the table that would change how your policy is administered when there is a claim. So, while I think we’re a good agency that will work hard for you, I want you to have the best value even if that’s with someone else.

Once we’ve got your plan set, rest easy. Insurance should be out of sight and out of mind until something changes, or you need it. When something comes up, just let me know, and we’ll figure it out. We’ll constantly be working to make sure you’re getting the best value.

Let me put my experience and carriers to work for you. I’ll quote about a dozen carriers, and at the end of it, you’ll know if there is a better deal out there.

Endorsed Local Provider

We are a proud Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider for Wisconsin, with the ability to also service clients in Illinois.

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No matter what brought you here, I hope you’re able to find what you were looking for.

Jon AllcoxMy name is Jon Allcox and you’ll see that I call myself an insurance nerd. Perhaps I could use a more professional title, but I think after you read this page and some of my other communications you’ll agree “insurance nerd” fits. I love knowing how insurance works then using that knowledge to help others with advice and service. I started working in insurance in 1998 with a large insurance company in North East Wisconsin. I started in customer service and over the course of the years gained experience in almost every department an insurance company has. From there I did some consulting for another large insurance company on the east coast. Six years ago, I was fortunate enough to be able to own and manage an insurance agency that specialized in auto and home insurance (personal lines property and casualty insurance) representing a large national insurer. Now, January 2018, I took the opportunity to give my previous agency back to that large national insurance company and start an independent insurance agency.

Running my previous agency was an unbelievable experience and I’m very grateful for having been given the opportunity and education. One of my greatest pleasures was helping people. It didn’t matter if I helped them find more affordable coverage, coverage that better met their needs, navigate claims or figure out billing, I loved talking with them and helping them. Constantly learning has also been a great pleasure (studying, nerdy huh?). Although, with my corporate experience, I had thought I already knew a lot about insurance, I was wrong. I was learning every day the entire six years I represented that large carrier. I was able to learn many things about how insurance is sold and serviced that could help my clients, friends and family. I also learned things about the industry that were in place to merely benefit the insurance company. It was my pleasure to put my passion for insurance together with my passion for the people of North East Wisconsin, to help them make informed insurance decisions that met their needs. I felt much more a consultant than a sales person or an agent. I did insurance reviews with customers and many times guided them to an independent agent to satisfy a unique insurance need they didn’t even know they had. It gradually became obvious that, for me to best serve the community, I needed to be an independent agent.

So here I am with NEW Insurance Consultants, LLC. The agency is small, just a guy who loves insurance and a small but growing number of clients. If you’d like to see me, give me a call or an email and we’ll schedule something; I’d love to see you!

Something I’m super excited to get started is an Insurance Nerd blog. The blog will be designed to share my knowledge of the good and the bad, so people can make informed decisions about their coverage, carriers and even agents. So, even if you don’t feel called to contact me, stop back once in a while to check on the blog.

Until next time, thanks for reading

Your insurance nerd

don’t take our word for it

“Jon truly cares about the people he insures. He is always there to provide the best service and knowledge in the industry. I have never found a better person to get a full understanding of the policies I was purchasing. He works hard to ensure the customer is served and provided with an exceptional policy at the best price. He represents the customer, not the insurance companies. Jon will always be that reliable representative in times of need. Fair, honest and good-hearted; best describe Jon the person and the agent you will be working with!”

– Colin C